R. K. Livingston
 Planting....Watering.... Watching Lives Grow

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Welcome to "Words to Grow By", site for aspiring Canadian author Robin Livingston.

A timely word is like a seed, packed full of potential.  It has the capacity to produce life in the one who hears.  Encouragement, blessing, affirmation, and challenge; whatever you plant has the power to transform. 

A tiny acorn can become a giant oak that offers shelter and shade to many.                                                                   
Young lives, awakened to faith, can change the world.


Message from the author:

My passion and my dream is to do for children what authors like Francine Rivers and Ellen Gunderson Traylor have done for me.  In their Biblical/Historical novels they have brought the characters and events found in the Scriptures to vivid life in ways that enable me to relate personally to their struggles and the choices they made.  In the pages of such books I find that I come to know God in a deeper way and my love for Him increases. 

Children today are faced with so many things competing for their attention.  I want them to find themselves excited by the God revealed in the Bible, excited by the fact that He is real and alive and the same today, yesterday and tomorrow, and that He longs to be an active part of their lives.

And so I will plant and I will water and God can be in charge of the results.

In His service,
Please feel free to contact me at robin@rklivingston.com.      I'd love to hear from you.
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