R. K. Livingston
 Planting....Watering.... Watching Lives Grow

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About (Biography)

Robin grew up in the mining communities of Northern Ontario.  She remembers family get-togethers as having two constants, music and the lively recounting of innumerable family stories.  She has recently published a compilation of those stories in the book "Eyes Wide Open...When life happens you want to see it coming!" available through Lulu.com.


She became a Christian at the age of 17 and it had a profound impact on her life, leading her to study Missions for a year at International Teams in Prospect Heights, Illinois and to spend the next two years as a missionary in Jamaica.  There she developed a love for working with children, teaching them God’s Word and introducing them to Jesus.  That love has never left her and she has spent 20 years teaching children of all ages in Sunday school. 


Robin and her husband eventually settled in Southern Ontario where she devoted herself to the education of their three children.  She has always believed that a good story is one of the best ways to teach important truths so she began to write her own.  In 1993 she decided to study writing for children and teenagers through the Institute of Children’s Literature in West Redding, CT, completing her course in 1995.

          In more recent years she has begun to work towards giving her writing a broader audience. She has now published her first Biblical novel for children aged 9 to 12, titled Elijah’s Boy.  

Robin continues to teach and work with children at her local church and has now developed a Grade 4/5 curriculum, titled Whom Will You Serve?. It is designed to be used in a Sunday School setting in conjunction with her book, Elijah's Boy. 

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